Pay bills.
Earn points.
Access rewards.

The most rewarding way for dentists to pay anything, shop everywhere and fly anywhere!


Earn up to 3 points per dollar & use your points like cash…

Earn Dental Wallet points for every transaction on the platform, then use your points to fund other payments, redeem rewards or transfer to airline partners.

The secure way to pay!

Our secure bank-grade payment gateway accepts the following payment methods.

A points program for everyone…

Earn points at a rate which best suits your business and your lifestyle!

Participating Airline Partners

Get ready to fly by transferring your Dental Wallet points to any of the following airline partners.


How does Digital Wallet Work?

Symbion Rewards is an online Rewards platform designed to work with your lifestyle!

Each time you make purchases or payments on the platform you earn Points based on the membership you select.

These points can then either be used on the Rewards Marketplace or exchanged for Airline Points for your preferred provider.


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Symbion Pay Rewards helps you get closer to your next experiences by Rewarding you for

everyday payments and purchases for the essentials.

Making it easier than ever before to save for the things you want without sacrificing the lifestyle you deserve.

Access rewards from Australia’s leading brands

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